Archigraphia Redux

I Love To Make Up Words.

Digital Landscaping | Displayification | Digital Reconstitution | Data Sculpting | Kinetification

Archigraphia Redux:  New Approaches and Digital Technologies

The emerging field of Mediatecture is still defining its own language; new words are needed that poignantly describe the many facets in which the boundaries between people, media, object, and spaces are beginning to blur into one seamless experience.

40 years after the original classic Archigraphia: Architectural and Environmental Graphics, Archigraphia Redux brings together a collection of contemporary designers’ work within the field of environmental graphic design. The author Richard Poulin asked me to write an introductory essay for the chapter New Approaches and Digital Technologies, which includes stellar works by the likes of realities:united, Sagmeister&Walsh, Art+Com, Christian Moeller and a number of Ueberall projects.

The book published by Graphis is available to buy here.


Kinetification — the use of physical movement to display digital content as three-dimensional animations.


Displayification — the use of non-traditional and emerging dynamic materials to create displays.


Data Sculpting — the translation of big data into visual experiences, often with real-time data input.


Digital Reconstitution — the transformation of digital imagery into physical objects through nuanced repetition, macro patterns and pixilation.