SoReal | Virtual Reality Entertainment Center, Beijing, China

Ueberall teamed up with Refik Anadol Studio to create the interior design of the inaugural SoReal flagship store in the heart of Beijing. The objective was to orchestrate and dramatize the visitor experience transitioning from urban reality into virtual reality.

Sky Limit Entertainment, Beijing

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dissolving media into space and dissolving space into media was our key design strategy. Accordingly, we seamlessly embedded all media surfaces within one-way mirrors and used projection-mapping on semitransparent surfaces. Angular LED strips connect walls and ceiling sending light impulses throughout the space. Visitors enter a kaleidoscopic environment that forms a dynamic transition into the various VR worlds.

Visitor Journey

A succession of spatial experiences leads the visitors from the open public area to the ticketing counters, to a central portal, followed by stations for putting on VR gear, and finally into the actual VR experiences.

Retail & Ticketing Area

The front of the venue is designed as an open and inviting space to attract the public and to preview the VR experiences currently playing. A landscape of modular and flexible displays show VR-themed props, memorabilia and merchandise. Mirrored walls and animated LED strips create kaleidoscopic views deep into the space.

The Portal

The central portal serves as gateway to the various VR experiences. In this 360º projection space the participants receive individual briefings prior to their gaming sessions.

The Gear Stations

The players put on their VR gear in dedicated stations designed to provide a seamless transition into the gaming experience.

The VR Theater

Unlike the VR Playhouses, the VR Theater is directly accessed through sliding portholes. All VR gear is integrated into swiveling seats.

The Lounge

After their VR experiences guests are invited to decompress in a generous lounge area, a place to mingle and to share some the adventures they just experienced.

Art Direction: Nikolaus Hafermaas, Ueberall International
Design Architect: Raman K. Mustafa
Media Design: Refik Anadol LLC
Project Management: Jeano Erforth, Ueberall International

Location: Beijing, PRC

2016 IDA Design Awards, Gold&Silver

2017 SEGD Global Design Award, Finalist