OpenHouse | Architecture and Technology for Intelligent Living | Pasadena, California 

This exhibition, spectacularly located in a former wind tunnel testing facility, envisions the house of the future as a place for new spatial experiences, new systems of sustainability, and new sensory enhancements.

Vitra Design Museum
ArtCenter College of Design


Orchestrating Space
Gigantic vertical and horizontal fabric banners transform the vast volume of a former wind tunnel with its footprint of 16,000 square feet and soaring height of 60 feet.


Curators Vitra Design Museum: Jochen Eisenbrand, Susanne Jaschko, Alexander von Vegesack
Curators ArtCenter College of Design: Erica Clark, Gloria Gerace, Dana Hutt, Linda Taalman
Exhibition Design: Nikolaus Hafermaas with Jamie Barlow
Graphic Identity and Environmental Graphics: Carolina Trigo

2007 Spark Award