Modernist Maverick | The Architecture of William L. Pereira

This interpretative exhibition surveys the architecture, urban planning, and design work of the iconic architect. The structures Pereira designed were far-flung and often large in scale, ranging from San Francisco’s iconic Transamerica Tower to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and from San Diego Geisel Library to the master plan for California’s Irvine Ranch and the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, Nevada


Cinematic Placemaking
The exhibition design strives to be as bold as Pereira’s future-forward form language, which oscillates between refinement and visual drama. From the Transamerica stalactite sculpture in the grand atrium and the perforated cocoon surrounding Pereira’s personal life, to the succession of Panavision frames celebrating models of his most iconic buildings; the entire exhibition is a play of scale and cinematic vistas that invite the audience to discover and to physically engage.


Modernist Maverick presents architecture as relatable and relevant as it is in real life. The show is immersive and participatory, it encourages the audience to engage in dialogue and to take (co-)ownership of the event.


Curator: Colin Robertson, Nevada Museum of Art (NMA)
Exhibition Design: Nikolaus Hafermaas
Graphic Identity and Catalog Design: Aldis Ozolins with Amanda Tennant, NMA
Display Production: Allen Murray
Scale Models: Adam Voorhees
Data Visualization “Locals vs. Tourists”: Eric Fischer
Augmented Reality Applications: Ryan d’Orazi
Grand Atrium Installation: Ball Nogues
Photos: Jamie Kingham, Nikolaus Hafermaas

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“This show demonstrates a rather daring, highly imaginative design, which breaks with the tradition of academic, pedantic presentation of most architectural exhibitions.”
Edward Goldman, Art Critic, NPR National Public Radio