e°FLOW | Prototype of a Limited Edition Interactive Sculpture

e°FLOW is an interactive sculpture celebrating the unique capabilities of E Ink Prism™, a color-changing film developed by E Ink. The sculpture comes alive with visual behavior triggered by real-time sensor input; it detects the presence and movements of people and reacts like an elusive deep-sea creature.

Ueberall International  x  E Ink Corporation



e°FLOW on Tour

The sculpture premiered at the 2015 SEGD Conference in Chicago, followed by an exhibition at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. Most recently e°FLOW was on display at the 2016 Milan Design Week, prominently featured at the SuperStudio Design Show.


Artist: Nikolaus Hafermaas
Animation and Programming: Ivan Cruz
Engineering and Fabrication: E Ink Corporation
Project Management: Jeano Erforth, Ueberall International
Photos/Video: Gary Sloan, Serge Hoeltschi, Nikolaus Hafermaas

2016 SEGD Global Design Award
2015 SEGD Conference, Chicago
2015 ArtCenter College of Design, Hutto-Patterson Exhibition Hall
11/2015 Whitewall Magazine
2016 Milan Design Week | SuperDesign Show