eCLOUD | Norman Y. Mineta International Airport, San Jose, California

eCLOUD is a dynamic sculpture inspired by the volume and behavior of an idealized cloud. The sculpture consists of thousands of small square panels of electrically switchable “Smart Glass” performing as pixels. The animations moving through eCloud are based on real-time weather data from 100 different destination airports.

City of San Jose Public Art Program

The Volume
Thousands of individual pixels are arranged to simulate a deconstructed cloud suspended from the concourse ceiling structure. The core volume of the piece is hung from a tensile structure.


Real Time Weather Data from 100 Destinations
The animations moving through eCloud are based on real-time weather data from different destinations around the world. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides these data. A monolithic Dynamic Display communicates the current dataset to the viewers.


The Material
The sculpture is composed of electrically switchable “Smart Glass”. This liquid crystal material has the ability to progressively change opacity with the transmission of an electrical charge: in its neutral state the panel is opaque, and when electrified the material transitions to visually transparent.


Artists: Nikolaus Hafermaas, Dan Goods, Aaron Koblin
Production Management: Jamie Barlow
Fabrication and Installation: Jim Hetherington
Photos: Spencer Lowell

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2011 IDEA Award, IDSA
2011 AIGA 365 Design Effectiveness Award
2011 Americans for the Arts Public Art Award