AirFIELD | Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia

The AirFIELD is a dynamic sculpture synched to real-time flight data reflecting the heartbeat of the world’s busiest air travel hub, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Art Program

Flight Trajectories
The trajectories made by airplanes taking off and landing inspired the two swooping shapes that create the sculpture. When seen from the side, the sculpture is reminiscent of a bird in flight.


The Material
The sculpture is composed of thousands of custom-made Liquid Crystal discs that change from opaque to transparent states with an electric charge. A custom-engineered computer program controls all of the sculpture’s 1,500 discs. The software constantly monitors a live stream of Atlanta flight traffic data that triggers generative motion behavior rippling throughout the sculpture.



Authentic Data Feed
The real-time flight data feed of up to 2500 flight movements a day is provided by FlightAware, a global aviation software and data services company.


Artists: Nikolaus Hafermaas, Dan Goods, Jamie Barlow
Production Management: Jamie Barlow
Custom Software: Daniel Massey
Realtime Data Feed: FlightAware
Fabrication and Installation: Jim Hetherington
Photos: Dan Goods

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2013 SEGD Global Design Award