DAZZLE Animation Update

DAZZLE Programming Underway

A quick glance over the shoulder of our Dazzle programming wizard Ivan Cruz as he prepares various animations to be mapped onto the building.  Ivan has used Processing to create a complex model of the airport facade, onto which he can map video loops created in After Effects. This model produces JSON files that are sent to a Pixel Coordinator PC with remote access, which in turn sends a signal to an array of wireless transmitters that control each of the 2100 tiles. Easy, right?

As new animations are being created, Ivan stores them into an open-ended data base. The animations are categorized by visual intensity and tile switch rates to fit various moods and ambient conditions on location, like weather, traffic, and airport activity.

Archigraphia Redux

I Love To Make Up Words.

Digital Landscaping | Displayification | Digital Reconstitution | Data Sculpting | Kinetification

Archigraphia Redux:  New Approaches and Digital Technologies

The emerging field of Mediatecture is still defining its own language; new words are needed that poignantly describe the many facets in which the boundaries between people, media, object, and spaces are beginning to blur into one seamless experience.

40 years after the original classic Archigraphia: Architectural and Environmental Graphics, Archigraphia Redux brings together a collection of contemporary designers’ work within the field of environmental graphic design. The author Richard Poulin asked me to write an introductory essay for the chapter New Approaches and Digital Technologies, which includes stellar works by the likes of realities:united, Sagmeister&Walsh, Art+Com, Christian Moeller and a number of Ueberall projects.

The book published by Graphis is available to buy here.


Kinetification — the use of physical movement to display digital content as three-dimensional animations.


Displayification — the use of non-traditional and emerging dynamic materials to create displays.


Data Sculpting — the translation of big data into visual experiences, often with real-time data input.


Digital Reconstitution — the transformation of digital imagery into physical objects through nuanced repetition, macro patterns and pixilation.

DAZZLE Installation Update

News from the Construction Site

Three months into the onsite stress testing of the first-generation prototypes, the 25 autonomous E Ink pixels are holding up well and have delivered valuable insights for further weather proofing. Late July we will extend the testing to about 200 units of the next generation pixels, which will also allow us to test some actual animations. Stay tuned as the world’s largest application of E Ink Prism™ film is taking shape.


DAZZLE Sneak Peek @ SEGD


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.19.41 PM